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ThriveBeam LED Grow Light


ThriveBeam brings the sun indoors, ensuring your plants always have the light they need to thrive, no matter their location in your home. Experience your plants flourishing like never before, with enhanced health and vibrancy. Additionally, its elegant design seamlessly complements and elevates your room’s decor.

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Adjustable & Easy to Install

Seamlessly anchors into the soil for a clutter-free space, with an adjustable height up to 56 inches (142cm) to perfectly illuminate plants of any size.

Small size light includes a stable base to prevent tipping, ensuring even the tiniest plants get their needed share of light.

Full Spectrum Efficient LEDs

Its 75 LEDs are designed to efficiently emulate the sun's spectrum, delivering optimal light for plants while conserving power. In any indoor setting, it ensures plants photosynthesize effectively and thrive just as they would in the sun.

Self-Timer, High Brightness & Dimming

Equipped with a convenient auto-timer (3h, 9h, 12h) for hands-free operation and cost efficiency. Features 75 bright LEDs with 10 dimmable settings, catering to various plant needs.

Adds a Stylish Touch To Your Space

It's a stylish decor piece. Designed to elegantly complement your space, its glow enhances the natural beauty of your plants, nurturing them while elevating your room's aesthetics.

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