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Hydrogen Peroxide 35% (4 oz)


Looking to take your mushroom growing game to the next level? Look no further than Hydrogen Peroxide! This versatile solution has been a go-to for mushroom enthusiasts for years, thanks to its powerful disinfectant properties and ability to break down into harmless water and oxygen. And with our 35% solution, you’ll be able to easily customize the strength to combat even the toughest mold strains. Best of all, it’s completely safe for both your mushrooms and mycelium. So why wait? Add Hydrogen Peroxide to your toolkit today and watch your mushroom crop thrive!

Just a few of Hydrogen Peroxide’s uses in mushroom cultivation:

  • Safely destroys mold infections from any fruiting jar or bulk casing grow.
  • When using perlite during the growing (fruiting) stage, add weekly to your moist Perlite to keep it clean and free from any bacteria or mold growth.
  • Add a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% and instantly add much needed oxygen to any fruiting chamber to boost any grow!
  • Peroxide slowly breaks down into pure water and oxygen, making it safe and eco-friendly.

Hydrogen Peroxide has always been a multi-purpose product used in many facets of the mushroom growing process. Its broad disinfectant properties and clean breakdown into water and oxygen make it the ideal choice for any mushroom enthusiast to have on hand.

All over the counter Hydrogen Peroxide sold is diluted to only 3%. One 4oz bottle of our 35% Medical/Food grade concentrate contains the equivalent of 8 regular bottles! With many uses at different concentration levels, Peroxide 35% gives you the option to use full strength or dilute with water to create the perfect concentrate for each task. Included with each bottle is a detailed guide on all the popular uses and how to easily dilute to achieve the desired concentration level.

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Weight 3 lbs
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