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BuildASoil 200x Aloe Vera Powder Flakes Certified Organic (1 oz)


NOTICE: ONLY MAKE WHAT YOU CAN USE THE SAME DAY. There aren’t any preservatives and the best use is only for immediate consumption.

For Watering or Foliar Spraying Plants:

  • 1 Gallon Water = Mix 1/2 Teaspoon Aloe Vera Powder
  • 50 Gallons Water = Mix 1-4 tablespoons Aloe Vera Powder
  • Notice: Aloe Vera Powder may need to sit in water for 10 Minutes to properly dissolve and activate the properties to maximum benefit. If your aloe won’t mix in water, just come back in 10 minutes and stir.

Specific Uses:

  • During Cloning as a powerful rooting stimulator
  • During any phase of plant growth as a natural plant immunity builder
  • For Use in Foliar Spray as a mild wetting agent and plant tonic.
  • Google Aloe Vera Use for many other practical applications.

Aloe has two main properties that we are interested in for growing plants.

  • #1 Salycilic Acid: Makes this dry powder excellent for cloning! Willow root isn't even as good. Aloe Vera contains Salicylic acid which is an aspirin-like compound with anti -inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-bacterial properties.
  • #2 Saponins: Another constituent of Aloe vera includes saponins. These are soapy substances from the gel that is capable of cleansing and having antiseptic properties. The saponins perform strongly as anti-microbial against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts.

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