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FloraFlex Matrix 10.5″ – 12″


Elevate your irrigation system with the FloraFlex MATRIX | 10.5″ – 12″ (12 PACK). This pack includes 12 round matrix units designed to optimize water and nutrient delivery to your plants. With its innovative maze-like structure and precise hole placement, the FloraFlex Matrix ensures even distribution, resulting in robust plant growth and impressive yields.

In the FloraFlex Matrix System, water and nutrients flow into the Matrix and hit the slope, being pushed outward into eight maze sections. Each section contains individual holes that drip water and nutrients onto the Wicking Pad, promoting uniform moisture throughout the growing medium. The Matrix Pad acts as a capillary mat, enhancing the wicking process and maximizing water and nutrient absorption.

To use the FloraFlex MATRIX | 10.5″ – 12″, simply place the Matrix Pad on the plant surface, position the Matrix Unit on top, press down to secure it, fit the Circulator into the center holes, and connect your 1/4″ OD tubing. This setup facilitates a top feeding wicking system, ensuring efficient water and nutrient delivery for optimal plant health.

The FloraFlex Matrix System is a cutting-edge, patent-pending top feeding wicking system that revolutionizes plant irrigation. The round Matrix units are specifically designed to fit pots ranging from 10.5″ to 12″ in diameter, providing compatibility with a wide range of medium-sized pots. With side holes for bamboo stick stabilization, the system offers stability and convenience during plant growth.

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