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AutoPot Tray2Grow Tray and Lid


1x Tray2Grow Tray and Lid.

Capable of supporting all manner of cultivation methods, this robust, beautifully moulded tray has been specially designed and custom produced to serve as the basis for Tray2Grow. The tray features a channelled base allowing for the free, perfectly regulated flow of irrigation.

A dedicated AQUAvalve compartment with a grommeted piping port ensures that your AQUAvalve (not incl.) always remains securely in position. At the other end of the tray an optional overflow grommet allows for use indoors or outdoors. We recommend that you remove the grommet when growing outside, retain in place for indoor use. Three circular spirit levels that fit into sockets in the tray rim allow you to check that the tray is always level, an essential factor in proper AQUAvalve operation.

Combined with our extensive range of Tray2Grow spares you can choose to set up the tray with capillary spikes for use with grow bags or else set up with capillary matting for pots, seed trays, or planters (capillary spikes, matting, grow bags, pots, seed trays, and planters not incl.).

In doubt about any aspect of set up? Look to the tray. The molding is clearly annotated throughout, giving growers a clear idea of how to deal with set up and positioning.

1000 in stock

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Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 17 × 5 in


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