Emerald Harvest Nutrients Are On The Shelves!

Emerald Harvest Nutrients

Emerald Harvest Nutrients

We are very excited to be the FIRST retail store in Kentucky to partner with Emerald Harvest Nutrients! We had the privilege to meet their president, David Pratt and their head of research and development, Dr. Dave, a few weeks ago. They shared their vision of simplifying application without sacrificing quality. The result is their easy-to-use, but very powerful, line of premium nutrients and supplements. The goal from the very beginning was to make the finest hydroponic fertilizer out there, and to combine the best that nature and science have to offer.

Emerald Harvest has base nutrients that are either three parts, Grow, Bloom, and Micro; or a two part Grow and a two part Bloom. The two part base nutrients are for those who want to keep it simple, the three part formula is for growers who want the freedom to fine tune. What sets these nutrients apart is the high degree of chelation and precise nutrient ratios that will minimize the risk of deficiencies. They also have a unique Cal-Mag product that contains kelp extract. Use as needed with any total nutrient, and also use to soak coco coir prior to planting.

One of Emerald Harvest’s flagship products is Emerald Goddess premium plant tonic. Emerald Goddess is a very concentrated supplement that can be used alone, but works best when used in combination with their professional base nutrients. Emerald Goddess is a rich, natural tea containing kelp and alfalfa extracts, which contribute additional macronutrients; vitamin B1, and humic acid. Alfalfa and other natural ingredients harness natural plant-hormone processes that aid in photosynthesis, root, leaf, and bud development. This also allows your plants to absorb more nutrients for larger yields and less nutrient waste!

King Kola is a power bloom booster for early, mid, and late flowering. While many other bloom KingKola_frontboosters use bovine based proteins, King Kola contains a vegetable source of protein–hemp seeds flour. This is actually more suitable for crops because it more closely matches the protein profile of your plants. With King Kola, you only need one bloom booster–not three–saving you money. Apply to root zone or use as a foliar spray.

Honey Chome is a resin and aroma enhancer which honeychomelbl-340x340increases flavor, botanical oils, and color of your plants. It’s combination of cane sugar, palm sugar, and agave nectar provides just the right amount of carbohydrates for a fully functioning rhizospere. sustaining a vibrant microbial innoculant population at root zone.

Finally, Root Wizard is a massive root builder containing multiple strains of growth-promoting rhizobacteria. Root Wizard equips plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently, by stimulating plants to expand their root system and and provide a diverse ecosystem right where you want it…at root zone. Use in hydro or soil, also may be used as a foliar spray.

Customers have rated Emerald Harvest 5 out of 5 stars. Testimonials of customers speak highly of the fertilizers and the company itself. One customer writes, “Emerald Harvest has covered all the points I value in a nutrient line. The quality and value my garden has now seen surpasses all other products I’ve used! I can’t Thank You enough Emerald Harvest for delivering Simple, Easy, Success through plant based ingredients, you are brilliant…and the HoneyChome rocks!!!” Another writes, “I Love this stuff my plants are super happy and they finish off beautifully it’s priced right the customer service is great”.

Give Emerald Harvest a try. We are offering 25% off on all Emerald Harvest purchases through July 31st. We think you will be as impressed with these products as we are!

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