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Free Workshop on Indoor Gardening with Grow Lights

Gardening Indoors Under Lights:  Saturday, September 12th, 2:00pm ET

MS, HPS, T5…if you want to grow indoors and these abbreviations are confusing, then this is the workshop for you! Vance and Terry will be showing you how to set up a productive grow room and how to start growing indoors. They will cover Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and High Output Fluorescent lighting, as well as other important factors in successful, indoor gardens. Our good-better-best approach helps you make the best choices for your budget for lighting and accessories. We will start from the ground up with setting up grow rooms, hydroponics or soil, bringing plants in from outdoors, and how to set up incrementally. Whether you want a kitchen herb garden or a basement full of veggies, if you have questions, this workshop is for you! All workshop participants get 20% off their purchases after the workshop.