Solar Flare T5 High Output Fluorescent Special Buy


We have a special buy and want to pass that on to you! These Solar Flare T5 High Output lighting fixtures with lamps are just what you need to set up a small indoor grow room, or expand your cloning, seed starting, or growing areas. Hang vertically or horizontally. Advanced wide T5 optical design for maximum coverage and diffusion. Pre-wired with 8 ft power cord for ease of use. Highly reflective aluminum insert for maximum performance. Cool operation housing design to keep electrical components thermally stable. Includes Spectralux® 54 watt T5 HO 6500°K Blue lamps. High lumen per watt rating at 5,000 lumens per lamp. Energy efficient electronic T5 ballast. The 8 lamp fixtures has dual on/off switches each operating four lamps. The 4 lamp fixture has an on/off switch controls all four lamps. One year warranty on lamps. Limited quantities, while they last, 4 Lamp/48″ Solar Flare is $109.99; 8 Lamp/48″ Solar Flare is $179.99. Not sure what you need? Call us for a free consultation.

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