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Sun Blaze T5 21 - 2 ft 1 Lamp

Sun Blaze T5 21 - 2 ft 1 Lamp
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This compact fluorescent fixture is an excellent light source for growing plants, but they also have many other practical uses. Easy installation, great 6500 K color spectrum and no reflector has made this a popular choice for seed starting, rooting cuttings and as side lighting in grow tents and for vertical gardens. Our New Earth families have also discovered they are amazingly handy for lighting closets, desks, workshops, and above aquariums. Regardless of use, they offer an energy efficient high output ballast for long life, are very light weight and easy to install with mounting hardware included. Fixture comes with one 6500°K (blue) T5 HO lamp and a plastic removable cover for the lamp. Accommodates standard 2 ft and 4 ft replacement lamps. On/off switch for ease of use. Includes power cord and 4 in jumper cable to daisy chain multiple fixtures, 1 year warranty.

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