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Hortilux PowerVEG UV Full Spectrum T5 2FT

Hortilux PowerVEG UV Full Spectrum T5 2FT
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The PowerVEG FS+UV (Full Spectrum plus Ultra Violet) is a fluorescent T5 grow lamp that provides your plants with a well-balanced spectrum and UV light. The PowerVEG FS+UV spectrum closely mimics natural sunlight, benefitting your plants by:

  • Promoting extreme photosynthesis for faster growth
  • Creating a stronger root system
  • Enabling easy transition from indoor veg to outdoor flowering
  • Developing stronger healthier vegetative plants that will produce higher yields and higher quality crops
  • Creating faster producing yields, vivid colors, more flowering, and better tasting crops



Recommend Light Cycles

  • If running 24 hours ON with standard T5, reduce cycle to 19 hours when using 100% FS+UV grow lamps.
  • When using a 50% FS+UV & 50% standard T5 light mix – NO CHANGE in light cycle necessary.
  • When using one of our suggested formulas—NO CHANGE in light cycle is necessary
  • When using an 18 hour ON cycle or less – NO CHANGE in light cycle necessary regardless of lamp mix.

Recommended Height Above Canopy:

The recommended height above the canopy of plants should be between 8”-16”. The optimal height is 12”.


Product emits UVA and UVB rays. Possible skin or eye irritation can result from exposures exceeding 30 minutes when working less than 8 inches from the lamp. Use appropriate skin and eye protection.

A Solid Foundation For Your Plants

PowerVEG FS+UV acts as a perfect foundation for your light fixtures. The FS+UV lamp works as a powerful base while you mix and match various PowerVEG colors to create a custom light spectrum designed specifically for your growing needs. 

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