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Hortilux PowerVEG 420 UV/Color T5 4FT

Hortilux PowerVEG 420 UV/Color T5 4FT
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The name “420” references the area of the light spectrum produced by this lamp. The PowerVEG 420 is a true VEG light for indoor growers. PowerVEG 420 provides a spectrum that is crucial for plant growth during the vegetation cycle, focusing all spectral energy at 420 nanometers. This high UV A spectrum adds the nutrient values that are vital for the growth.

Combined with the spectrum provided by the FS+UV fluorescent grow lamps, the PowerVEG 420 maximizes the initial growth process for vegetation through:


  • Tighter internodal spacing
  • Stomatal opening 10 times greater than red light (feeding tube of plant)
  • Stronger root growth


How to use:

  • The 420 can be used in any existing T5, 54 watt, HO (high output) lighting fixture.
  • Available in 4 foot and 2 foot options.
  • Combine the 420 with other PowerVEG T5’s for maximum results.
  • See below for our suggested formulas for VEG, FLOWER and START-to-FINISH .



  • Chlorophyll A
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Beta ca
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