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Happy Frog Fruit and Flower 5-8-4

Happy Frog Fruit and Flower 5-8-4
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Fruit & Flower encourages multiple blooms & great bud development for all your flowering plants. You might not see the healthy root system below ground, but the multiple branching & heavy bud development above ground will tell you that your plants are well fed. Best of all, Happy Frog Fruit & Flower Fertilizer is formulated with premium ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, bone meal, feather meal & other beneficial microbes to help convert fertilizers into vital plant food.

Specifically designed to supply essential nutrients for luscious fruit & flower development. This blended formula will encourage vigorous root systems, robust bud size, & multiple branching. Expect brighter colors, spellbinding scents, & delicious flavors, all thanks to the extra boost that comes from the micronutrients & living organisms in Happy Frog Fruit & Flower.

Garden tip: Use Fruit & Flower on annuals, perennials, shrubs, & trees. Apply monthly through harvest time. For established plantings, scatter 1/2 cup for every 2 feet of plant height. Lightly scratch into the top inch of soil & water thoroughly.
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