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GH Floralicious Plus

GH Floralicious Plus
1.00 lbs
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Floralicious Plus is a vegan bio plant stimulator and nutrient additive. It has
been formulated to be utilized in both the vegetative and flowering stages
of growth. Floralicious Plus stimulates microbial activity in the plant’s root
zone. This metabolic fuel solution is packed with powerful vitamins,
complex plant sugars, protein building amino acids, seaweed
extracts, carbon building blocks and aromatic oils all in a fulvic acid
base. Floralicious Plus adds quality flavor and colors and can be used for
all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco blends and hydroponics.
Floralicious Plus contains everything included in Floralicious Grow and
Bloom in a formula five times more concentrated and ideal for use in both
vegetative and flowering phases.
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