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Flying Skull Zero Resin

Flying Skull Zero Resin
1.00 lbs
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Zero Resin by Flying Skull 16oz

The Best Trimming Tool and Pipe Cleanser in the Industry
Zero Resin is low in price but high in quality
Reusable, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly
No abrasives, No salt, No alcohol, No petroleum
Active ingredients are peppermint and enzymes
No hard scrubbing, Soak to cleanse
Used in commercial grow operations and private trimming teams
Easily cleans hard to clean glass pipes
Cleansing pipes with Zero Resin will make your tobacco taste and smell like top quality tobacco, not taste and smell like a dirty pipe
Customers will taste the difference between high- and low- grade tobacco when using a clean pipe
Pleasant Smell – no waiting for odors to disperse or contamination
Mother Nature provides the active ingredients of peppermint oil and enzymes that quickly and easily removes stubborn caked-on resins from tobacco pipes, smoking accessories, cutters, scissors, and snips. Zero Resin uses no salt or abrasive materials that could scratch or dull the finish of expensive delicate glass. Zero Resin is non-flammable and does not contain alcohol or petroleum solvents.
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