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Flying Skull Nuke Em Advanced

Flying Skull Nuke Em Advanced
9.00 lbs
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Flying Skull Nuke Em Advanced by Flying Skull Gal

Nuke Em Advanced®:

Listed Organic by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)
Kills Russet Mites, Spider mites, Leaf Aphids, Whitefly and more
Kills eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects
Reduces Powdery Mildew
Is concentrated and economical (twice as strong as the original Nuke Em, goes twice as far)
May be used on the day of harvest
Is safe around people and pets when used as directed
Does not alter the taste or smell of growing crops or finished produce
Does not lower the value of produce
Does not slow photosynthesis by reducing light to photon cells on leaves like oil pesticides can
Does not slow photosynthesis from residue clogging the leaf stomata like oil pesticides can
Does not contain high concentrations of oils
Does not contain chemical surfactants
Does not contain petroleum or Pyrethrin’s
Does not smell bad
Does not make leaves, stems and flowers sticky like oil pesticides can
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