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Earthgreen Menefee Humates

Earthgreen Menefee Humates
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EarthGreen Menefee Humates - 50% Humic Acid

What does Menefee Humate® do?

-Enhances the availability and uptake of nutrients

-Improves soil structure

-Stimulates soil microorganisms

-Buffers toxins and salts in the soil

-Minimizes plant stress

-Increases water-holding capacity in soils

We recommend that Menefee Humate is applied at a rate of 50-200 lbs/acre.

We recommend applying Menefee Humate 1-2 times per year. In agriculture, it’s most often applied at pre-plant, post-harvest, and pre-bloom.

Menefee Humate is a slow-release product that breaks down in the soil over time. Its benefits typically last between 6-9 months, depending on conditions. For annual crops, Menefee Humate is often applied pre-plant. For perennial crops, it’s often applied post-harvest to revitalize the soil and reinvigorate plants. Pre-bloom is also a popular application period, when plants are preparing to expend energy and are intaking significant nutrients from the soil.
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