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Cultivation Nation BLOOM

Cultivation Nation BLOOM
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Cultivation Nation 3 PART Liquid Fertilizer Program

-Cultivation Nation GROW, MICRO and BLOOM are cost effective fertilizers that are designed to for use in soil, soilless media, and hydroponic or aeroponic systems from seedlings to harvest. Start with GROW for vegetative growth, feed with MICRO to incorporate important micronutrients, and finish with BLOOM to support flowering and fruiting through harvest. These liquids can also be used as stand-alone fertilizers to meet your growing needs.

Cultivation Nation Bloom Fertilizer (0-5-4) is part three in our 3-part liquid feeding program. Begin by introducing Cultivation Nation Grow and Micro into your feeding program, and then transition to Cultivation Nation Bloom Fertilizer at the first sign of bud development through harvest.

• Part three of Cultivation Nation 3-Part Liquid Feeding Program
• Formulated to take your grow the rest of the way through harvest.
• Cost effective fertilizer for your growing needs