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Natural Weed Control: Corn Gluten Meal

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn Gluten Meal

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the emergence of those pesky spring weeds poking up in your lawn. That’s the time to call the lawn care company and have them cover your lawn in chemicals to kill the dandelions, right? Not necessarily…  Did you know that corn gluten meal can be used as a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the growth of these pest plants?  When applied at the proper time, corn gluten meal prevents the growth of weed seed, so pest plants have no chance to emerge and take root in your lawn. Get the dandelions before they get you.

Studies at Iowa State University have shown corn gluten meal to be an effective preventative against small seeded annual weeds. Proteins within the corn gluten meal inhibit root formation of germinated seeds, killing the newly emerged roots fibers before they get established. At 10% nitrogen, corn gluten meal also provides an excellent source of slow release nutrition, making your turfgrass more lush and competitive against weeds.
Now is the time to apply, and we have the perfect product: Concern Weed Prevention Plus.  This slow release lawn food is derived from corn gluten meal,bone meal, and potassium sulfate and provides not only needed springtime nutrition for your turf grass, but also has the benefit of being a pre-emergent herbicide. Granulated and spreader-ready, an application of 15 lbs per sq. ft in early spring and again in late summer provides continued control of germinating annual weeds such as Dandelions, Smooth Crabgrass, Clover, Purslane, Pigweed, Plantain, and more!
Weed Prevention Plus can also be used to control annual weeds in and around flowers, roses, bulbs, and shrubs. Work 20 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. into top 2 inches of soil and water in to activate.
Do not apply Weed Prevention Plus to newly seeded lawns until after first mowing. Do not reseed treated areas for a minimum of six weeks following initial application.
Come in the shop and let us tell you how this awesome all-natural product can help beautify your lawn and landscape.

Community Seed Swap and Seed Starting Workshop, Saturday Jan 30th

2015 Seed Swap

2015 Seed Swap

This is the event that we all look forward to with great anticipation each year. What a great way to kick off spring (albeit a little early!), sharing seeds and garden stories with like-minded gardeners. Expect a diverse crowd of experienced gardeners and seed savers, and those hoping to gain wisdom. Bring seeds you have saved in years past, and extra seeds from packs that you have leftover from last year. If possible, bring snack-size ziplocks or coin envelopes for seed swapping, and a sharpie to label your seeds. We hope to see our seed swap regulars as well as many new faces this year. A short seed starting workshop will begin at 5:30, swapping commences at 6:15. As is tradition, we will be having a gift card raffle, lots of special deals for swappers who wish to grab some supplies, and some beverages for all those who attend. Feel free to bring a snack to share, or contribute something to the community. Over the years we have had folks bring goodies, handmade soap, honey, and homemade ginger beer to share with other swappers. If possible, please RSVP to our event on Facebook so we have a general idea of how many people to plan for. Thanks and hope to see many of you on the 30th!





Free Workshops Saturday June 20th

beneficial insects

beneficial insects for your garden

ORGANIC PEST CONTROL WORKSHOP Saturday, 6/20 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Gardens are in and growing, now here come the bugs! Learn how to go to battle with the critters that want to eat your plants before you do. Don’t panic and spray poisons, come in before the problem is out of hand and learn how to handle these problems in a safe, natural way. Vance will be at the helm to show you the myriad of organic pest controls and natural fungicides that are available, explain how they work, and give some practical advice on keeping your natural garden healthy and thriving. Using beneficial insects in your garden will also be addressed. There will be a question and answer period after the lecture. This workshop is free, and attendees will receive 20% off all purchases after the workshop on Saturday!


Our own Compost Tea to Brew at Home

Free Compost Tea Making Workshop               Saturday 6/20  4:00 – 5:00

Learn how to make a biologically active fertilizer for your garden using a five gallon bucket, air pump, air stone, and the New Earth Compost Tea Kit. This kit includes worm castings, kelp, two kinds of guano, and our own Smart Tea as an activator. This workshop is being held right after our Natural Pest Control workshop. It starts at 4:00pm this Saturday, 6/20. Come at 3:00pm and attend both. It will be an afternoon of sharpening your gardening skills and covering two very popular topics!

The Organic Life

What does organic living mean to you?

As a first generation, organic lifestyle family, we have found that we–and our property–are works in progress. This is not an “all or nothing” journey, and each year we find we have progressed along the organic, sustainable, path. We own about seven acres outside of Louisville, and each year we try to add something to our property. One year it was blueberries. Another, fruit trees. A raised bed–or two–gets built and added annually. Last year we brought in chickens. This year we gave away our chickens! We enjoyed them, but discovered they were not a good time/work value for our family.

Wherever you may land in your path to sustainable living, you have probably discovered that it all takes a lot of time. The blogs and books inspire us to “do it all”, but we quickly realize that we all must pick and choose where we want to prioritize our hours.

This year we are cutting back on our growing endeavors to focus on some long-neglected home repairs. We also want to slow down and enjoy what we have already worked so hard on in years past. Our focus this season will be on already-established berry patches and raised beds. Rather than spending time growing corn, we will finally plant our cool, pole bean “hideout” before our sons are too old to enjoy it. (That will be made from a repurposed, never used, chicken run.) Rather than growing quantity, we will grow what we love and share our extra gardening space with neighbors.

This morning we slowed down and were able to see our “pet” robin’s eggs hatch. She nests on our front porch.

Thanks for joinibabybirdsng us on our journey.