Tomato Review: 4th of July

Today we are getting our first delivery of tomatoes and peppers from our friend Connie, Louisville’s Garden Geek. Maybe you have seen her at the J’town Farmer’s Market, where she brings in loyal, return gardeners year after year. Connie is a long-time New Earth customer, and we have been a fan of Connie and her amazing, organically-grown seedlings for many years. This year, we will have many of her unique varieties here for you to enjoy.

Connie is a big fan of the 4th of July tomato cultivar for early production. Time for a shameless plug here:  If you grow tomatoes all winter, indoors, you won’t be nearly so anxious for those first tomatoes!!  But if you are anxiously awaiting your first outdoor-grown tomato, pick up a 4th of July tomato plant for your garden.

4th of July is an indeterminate, 49 days to maturity plant that puts out plentiful, 2 – 4 ounce fruits. 4th of July is a hybrid, which means any seeds you save will be inferior and not true to variety. We do NOT suggest saving hybrid seeds.

We have heard varying reviews on flavor, and as you know, flavor is determined by the plant’s nutrition and environmental conditions as well as plant variety. We expect this to be a pretty tasty, slightly acidic, early bite of summer. We plan on trying one or two of these in our home garden and will keep you posted!


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